It’s Just A Door….Right?


When Mario and Louis reach the attic, Cristena shows them an old, wooden door that had been built into the front of the brick chimney.

“So, it’s a door,” Mario said.

Well, Cristena opens the door! For about one minute the attic is quiet, then, the thunder of six feet racing down the ladder, then down the stairwell were heard! The three friends, swiftly, but quietly cross the kitchen floor, so not to alert Mrs. Ragsby. Crowding Sindy on the back step, she turns around.

“Can I help you?” she says laughingly.

The smile on Cristena’s face is all Sindy needed to get up and see what was so important. The three of them lead her into the attic and show her the same door. Sindy is confused, and the puzzled look on her face makes her friends laugh.

“What’s so funny? It’s just a door?” She asked.

“Open it,” Cristena said, smiling.

Slowly, Sindy turns the brass knob and as the door crack open, a ray of light burst from every inch, filling the room with illumination! As the light faded, Sindy saw what was through the door!

“That’s not possible!!” she said as her jaw began to drop.

“That’s what I thought”, Mario replied.


Please Live With Passion!!