A Discovery Made

Mrs. Ragsby's Attic

Cristena slowly makes her way up the stairwell and reaches the second floor. While looking around she hears a sound coming from the attic and notices a pull down ladder that had been left open. Wanting to investigate, she slowly climbs the ladder. Bam! a box falls over behind her and the two light bulbs that were still burning showed two small, brown, furry feet running under a sheet. Grabbing the sheet, Cristena had expected to catch and intruder, instead the feet hurried through a door that was built into the side of the chimney. She carefully makes her way to the door and opens it!

Cristena’s mouth opens the widest that it will go and loses all train of thought!

Racing down the ladder and then the stairwell, she informs Mario & Louis that they must follower her into the attic. Without hesitation, the two boys tossed their cookies on the counter and raced to keep up with Cristena as they zoom up the stairs and dash up the attic ladder for the discovery of a lifetime!!

I want to apologize for this being rather short, my eyes are so heavy that I am misspelling words and can barely keep awake. Just the give and take with writing! As always, thank you so very much for reading, I hope you will continue!! Live With Passion!!