Sketchpads, Cookies & A Strange Sound

Mrs. Ragsby's Stairs

As Sindy begins to redraw her art class project, Louis begins to think of cookies and goes inside, Mario makes sure Sindy is fine and Sindy kindly reassured him she is. Cristena can feel the kindness between Mario and Sindy and does all that she can not to laugh. Mario and Louis rush inside Mrs. Ragsby to see if there are any Chocolate Chip Cookies in the cookie jar. Cristena makes sure that Sindy is fine on the steps alone before going into the house to find Mrs. Ragsby. Once inside Cristena find Mario and Louis invading the cookie jar. She asks the boys to leave one for Sindy, to which Louis politely agrees to. Louis and Cristena each begin to blush at one another. Cristena quickly grabs a cookie and makes her way down the hallway and walks right into Mrs. Ragsby, who has a hammer in her hand and is fixing some items around the house. “It is all up to me since Mr. Ragsby has been gone,” she explains.

Mr. Ragsby is the community clock repairman, who disappeared while working from his home and had not been heard of ever again. Mrs. Ragsby excuses herself to return the hammer to the drawer, leaving Cristena in the hallway. Then, from out of no where, the sound of small feet was heard of near the top of the stairwell. “Hello,” Cristena says, which gains a response from Louis in the form of a “What?” Cristena doesn’t hear a thing after that however, just as she began to walk away, a small red, rubber ball bounces down the steps and right into her hands.

Something strange is going on upstairs!

2 thoughts on “Sketchpads, Cookies & A Strange Sound

    • I want to thank you so very much for your comment! Kind words are the greatest momentum for me. I appreciate that you took your time to write me, Thank You!! I do hope you will read more. 🙂

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