Mrs. Ragsby’s: A Wonderland Of Splendour

Mrs. Ragsby'sBam! Out of the screen door, with her sketch pad and pencils in hand, Sindy makes her way down the porch steps and is quickly followed by Mario, Louis & Cristena. The four friends follow the cracked, concrete sidewalk to the corner of Sindy’s block and make their way across the street, at a point where the old, red bricks in the street had worn through the black top. Across the block to the second to last house from the corner was Mrs.Ragsby’s. The large, two-story home was Mrs. Ragsby’s favorite color, Brown, and, like every house in Red Hill, had a front porch. The wind blew just hard enough that the sounds made by the leaves dragging along the sidewalk almost matched the tone of Mario dragging the heels of his shoes up the driveway. The breeze way acted as a makeshift wind tunnel, blowing leaves in every direction and onto each of the children.

Once through, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena saw the splendid sight of what remained of Mrs. Ragsby’s beautiful garden. A handful of Blanketflower, Sindy’s favorite flower, had hung on through the first couple of cool fall evenings and grew in between two white, wooden archways. Cristena loved the Evening Primrose which had mostly gone by now, but yet two single flowers grew by the goldfish pond and seemed to defy the odds of mother nature. Scattered throughout the garden was Canada Wild Rye, Louis’s favorite of all of Mrs. Ragsby’s flowers, in part, because he thought they resembled large weeds! Mario always liked to look at the Red Huckleberry hedge that grew near the garage. They looked like tiny apples but, although they were edible, they had a taste far different from any apple.

The four friends loved Mrs. Ragsby and so to do they love the passion that she put into her flower garden, that was, for the most part, being claimed by mid Fall. Cristena realizes that it is the first time that they have all been there together, usually it is some other pairing visting, but never all four at the same time. This made the moment even more exciting! It was now time for Sindy to get busy and begin working on her art project re-do!