The Creaky Porch

Sindy's HouseMario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena ride the old, yellow school bus to Sindy’s house and plan to walk from their, just a short distance, to Mrs. Ragsby”s home. They step off of the bus and onto the cracked sidewalk, lining the block. Cristena loves the old and crackled sidewalks made of concrete. Red Hill is chalk full of these sidewalks, but not one person ever complains about them, since they are not damaged, the town leaves them to grow old gracefully. Cristena always wonders what stories the sidewalks could tell, if only they could talk. Being the ‘writer’ of the group, she often ponders writing a short story about these walkways and reading it to her classmates.

Sindy’s home is a very nice, two-story home with a fresh coat of green paint. Being that Sindy’s father is the mayor of Red Hill, it is simply commonplace that the mayor’s house should look nice to show that he or she will take care of the small town they govern in just the same manner. They are not wealthy, but do care for what they have. One thing they do have is a wrap around porch with a creaky, old floor made from small, wooden planks, painted white. All four of the friends have porches but none of them make a sound, so coming to Sindy’s and making the floor boards sound like a squeaking mouse, is a wonderful source of amusement for Mario, Louis & Cristena.

Cristena crashes into her favorite wicker chair, she loves dearly, while Mario and Louis sit down on an antique, wooden bench and remind Sindy of old men waiting on paint to dry. For today is cleaning day in the Seal house, meaning, NO SHOES ALLOWED. Sindy heads inside to tell her mother that they are going over to Mrs. Ragsby’s. Not wanting to take off their shoes, They other patiently wait outside for her return. They watch as a handful of the fall leaves blow gently across the porch.

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