My Sons:)

Tonight, I am hosting a meeting of the minds, well, the imaginary minds! My three boys, Lynden (9), Ethan (4) & Rylen (3) are with me for our Saturday night sleep over. It caught my attention, when we first came home and I was fixing our dinner, that when it is just Smokey and myself here, this house is just a structure, walls, ceilings, floors. But when they walk through the front door, it becomes a world of vivid imagination, filled with pirates, dinosaurs, power rangers, trains and much more. It is this atmosphere that makes some of the best memories. Everything else  waits it’s turn when we are playing with Thomas The Train, drawing faces on our hands or playing video games until it is time to go.

As we get ready to lay down tonight, I thank my God for what I am given! I hope you have a good night and wish you a wonderful Sunday! Live With Passion!!

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