Why Louis Doesn’t Ride The Bus!

bth_School_Bus_by_beari[1]As school end for the weekend at Red Hill Elementary, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena, all board Sindy’s bus so that they will be not too far from Mrs. Ragsby’s home. Sindy doesn’t like sitting in the back of the bus because she likes to be able to throw her arm over the back of the bus seat when she is talking to others around her, thus, the four friends sit in the next to last row of bench-style seats. They are always glad for Friday to arrive and on this day, knowing that they are going somewhere special, makes it even more exciting!

Cristena asks Sindy if she can redraw her sketch just as she had before and Sindy explains that with the Fall weather, most of Mrs. Ragsby’s garden will be much for wilted. However, she will draw this one just as good as possible! All Mario and Louis can talk about is Mrs. Ragsby”s famous chocolate Chip Cookies, a statement that makes Cristena shack her head and remind the two young boys that they are there to help their friend. Mario notes that he and Louis are there and for a good reason, just as Cristena would have point out had he not done so first. Louis then disclaims that Sindy wanted no part of his drawing, saying, “You would flunk for sure if I drew something!”

Mario then notices that Louis looks a slight bit peeked, “Are you alright, Louis?” he asked.

Unknowingly he looks towards Cristena and replies, “I’ll be alright.”

Sindy then remembers why Louis does not ride the home with her very often. She remembers that Louis gets sea-sick when on the bus. Since Red Hill was built going around nature, instead of through it in the name of progress, the old yellow bus follows the road around every tree that might be in its way. Cristena explains that they are almost to Sindy’s house and slightly smiles as Louis lets them all know that he will make it!


On a much more reality checked moment, today I received some sad news today. A friend of Lynden’s from baseball and Cub Scouts was badly burned by a wood stove yesterday and incurred third degree burns on his back. This wonderful boy, today, had to have the skin off of his back removed so that new could be graphed on. It is times like this I hug my kids just a little bit tighter and thank my God for allowing my three sons to be healthy and safe. My thoughts and my prayers go out to Dillon as he recovers from such an event. I wish him and his family a speedy recovery!

Live With Passion!