A School On Friday

At Red Hill Elementary, things might be a bit slower pace and more personal, but, come Friday at 3:15 p.m., a bell rings and all heck breaks loose! As usual, many kids try to dump their books into their lockers before racing to their ride or the bus to take them home. Not Mario, Louis, Sindy or Cristena, see The Boondock Kids are the group of kids that have a friendship that others simply don’t have! They are each, slightly different from one another, but holds the others friendship close. It is this friendship that always seems to garner them respect from others in the school, why, even the older Fifth Grade students step aside from their path.

Always near the last to leave the hall, they each stand side by side as they toss their books into their lockers, normally, they carry all of their books into Mrs. Nellenfelter’s class, normal, that is, except for Friday afternoon, when, what they do not need gets tossed into lockers, sometime even each others on accident!

It is arranged for Mario, Louis & Cristena to ride Sindy’s bus home with her and from there, they will walk the short distance, to Mrs. Ragsby’s house and go from there on Sindy’s project do over! Louis will walk home, since he shares the neighborhood with Sindy, while Mario’s parents will pick him and Cristena up and take her home.

Little do they know what they are about to soon find at Mrs. Ragsby’s will become the adventure of a lifetime!

Live With Passion!!

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