A New Friend?

As a large storm approaches my hometown from the west, I am going to have to stop writing early tonight but I did finish another page of The Boondock Kids, so, that is great! Tonight was a cub scout planning meeting for our annual banquet held in February, so, it was off to the meeting and then two hours later, home to cook two very delicious cheeseburgers, before sitting down for the evening to see how TBK react to Kelmare!

Kelmare at first is curious if Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena are, in fact, human as he had thought. When they confirm that they are, Kelmare begins to dance with joy. That is until Cristena asks where they are. Kelmare then explains that the four friends are in Spyderia and that it has been many, many years since the last human ever came through the Doors of Eldenthorn.

Realizing that they were in another world and the fact that Kelmare had made no attempt to harm them, they reach out their hands and shake with their very new, possible friend!

Well, wind is beginning to howl, time to shut it down for the night to save my computer!

Live With Passion!!

The Rainy Day


The time was 2:15p.m. and the rain was slowly hitting the roof of my porch going, clink clink clink. I had dropped my sons off, swept my house and done my dishes. Although the rain came down, it has been a couple of weekends since last heading out into the wild blue (or in today’s case, gray) yonder.  I grabbed my map, my highlighter, camera and keys and made my way out.


Instead of my RC Cola, today I went for the 32 oz. coke from the fountain. It makes me take more restroom breaks but lasts almost the entire trek.


Today was rather bleak, weather wise, it was very cloudy and helped the evening sky make its way in much more quickly. It was cold enough however, that several of the creeks in todays area were lined with white ice that made for some great shots! This type of forecast changes how everything looks compared to bright and sunny days. What once looked average or “so so” looks amazing and deserves to be snapped. Funny how the weather can help you decided what to take and what not to take.


Having my radiator replaced ment for a worry free drive this evening. The last time, during the large snow, Lynden and I almost overheated the Jimmy and had to refill it. I pulled the money together and replaced my radiator myself, saving a couple hundred bucks. My Jimmy ran so smooth and cool, what a relaxing feeling to know that it is a problem solved!

Today, I have to admit, I day dreamed about 60 Minutes doing an interview with me and my journey. LOL, I pretended that a camera man and reporter followed me and were asking my questions about why I started doing this and commented on how I stopped to capture the little moments that were all too often, forgotten. Although I am laughing at the thought of openly telling you this, it would be quite amazing to tell them that story! Who knows…right?



Kelmare and The Eldenthorn Forest

Right in the middle of enjoying their shocking, new discovery, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena are overwhelmed by the sound of some sort of rustling from a short distance away. Mario is quick to point out that the sound is coming from a large group of mangled roots behind Cristena. The friends stand together and bravely make their way towards the group of large roots and prepare for the unexpected. That is in fact what they received!

Standing on the other side of the roots, the four friends stood in shock again, only this time it was not with joy, but rather uncertainty! Before them was nothing more than the ground they stood on and the air they were breathing, there was no one on the other side!

Then the same sound of scampering was heard in the very spot that the children had recently started from. One at a time, they poked their heads around the group of mangled roots to see that there was, in fact, not a single soul in that area either! This made the children rather nervous. Sindy suggested returning to the door, a motion that was seconded by Mario. That was all that needed to be said, as Louis led the way back towards the doorway to Mrs. Ragsby’s attic.

Once there, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena were floored and now rather fearful. The doorway and mound of soil surrounding it had disappeared! They each began to search for the doorway, perhaps they had walked in the wrong direction. Then a voice reassured them that the doorway was very much, still there! The children stood still and saw no one. Mario then called out for the voice to show itself.

Out from behind stepped a bluish-green troll, wearing a purple toga with long pointed ears, surrounded by a large head of long, stringy hair that covered its eyes. The four friends quickly banded together and in the face of fear, prepared to defend themselves and one another. Sindy informed the troll that it had gone far enough, to which the creature stopped and cocked its head sideways, allowing some of its hair to dangle freely.

“Who are you!?” Cristena asked in a demanding tone.

“My name is Kelmare and I live in The Eldenthorn Forest,” the troll replied.

The Shocking World Of SPYDERIA!



The open door did not reveal another room but that to something much larger! The four children stand in awe at the sight of a large tree that had been growing right up against the door itself. Large green leaves on branches had grown outward, until reaching the door and turning straight down for a wild effect. Sindy, at first, can not believe her own eyes as Cristena is completely intrigued by the discovery. She does not understand how a tree can be growing inside a chimney.

To that, Cristena replies, “I don’t that is Mrs. Ragsby’s!”

The boys however, are curious and approach the branches and begin rubbing the green leaves. As they brush them, flakes of green, sparkling dust fall to the ground. No one can believe what they are seeing as the flakes begin to spout and grow grass up to their ankles. Sindy feels the grass and begins to smile. Everyone begins to feel the leaves and become caught up in the moment. Mario then sees that there is a large forest on the other side of the leaves. With grins from ear to ear, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena enter the doorway.

Once on the other side, they find themselves standing in the middle of a gigantic forest, with tree tops stretching so high, into the sky, that the end could not be seen. Through the leaves on the trees, danced light, from leaf to leaf. Louis has to rub his eyes because the light is actually alive and dancing with themselves from leaf to leaf. They dance until they come close to the children and the ground before turning into vapors and disappearing.

“They’re alive!” Mario said with excitement.

As they watched the light dance its way to the ground, everyone began to look at the multitude of enormous roots that arched out of the ground and back in. The humongous roots covered the forest floor, and, at many places, were even large enough for them to walk completely under!

“This is awesome!” shouts Louis.

“More than video games?” Cristena asked him.

“Yes,” he replied.

Mario and Sindy can not believe what they are seeing as they feel the roots before them.

“Is this real?” Mario asked her.

“I think this is!” Sindy replied with an excited smile.


*I so regret falling asleep last night! I have a job to do an I slumped on my end, which always seems to get under my skin just a tad! It is so very cold outside and it is always nice and warm her at my desk. I am so looking forward to the next couple of weeks when I will have the money to send Barney & Lexi off to editors! Writing to me is exciting! I mean before tonight, Spyderia didn’t exist, and now, it as a life of its own. Even the parts not yet written have a home and are play themselves out as I talk to you! That is what makes being an author so wonderful!! Again, thank you so very much for reading, I do hope you will continue! Remember, Live With Passion!

An Involuntary Shutdown

Last night was supposed to be a memorable one, as Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena stepped through the strange door and into something amazing. Well, it did not work out like that. I began around 11:00 p.m. on the scene, the last thing I remember was reading the clock 11:13 p.m., my eyes must have closed, because when they opened, it read 3:00 a.m.! I was so sore from sleeping upright in my chair for not quite  four hours! A quarter of the page into the session, I drift off! How can this happen!? I always reach my goal before slinking into my bed for the night/morning!

I may not like it, not reaching my goal last night, but I believe my body believed that if I were not willingly going to shut down and  sleep, it had its own way of getting what it wanted from me, and my sore back was it’s calling card.

Do you ever have nights like that?


A Night To Remember


Well, tonight I did not write a bit. Something else was far more important! Tonight was Evansville (Ind.) Iceman Hockey Night with Lynden and close 90 sibling and parents of Cub Scout Pack 251! Talk about a pretty smooth event, almost everyone showed and it ended up being one of the most fun nights for our group!


For me it was spending time with Lynden and watching as he got into big moments and hung out with friends! I also must admit that I too, enjoyed the chance to get out with others.


Standing out on the ice in front of 6,269 people with the scouts for the national anthem was a moment I will always remember! I took one foot off the rug that we were standing on and placed it on the ice, talk about slick!


As a father, I hope my son remembers this night for a long time! We got the chance to hang out with wonderful friends and folks to have a great evening. I look forward to going to another game before the season ends! After a night like this I am happy to say, LIVE WITH PASSION!!


It’s Just A Door….Right?


When Mario and Louis reach the attic, Cristena shows them an old, wooden door that had been built into the front of the brick chimney.

“So, it’s a door,” Mario said.

Well, Cristena opens the door! For about one minute the attic is quiet, then, the thunder of six feet racing down the ladder, then down the stairwell were heard! The three friends, swiftly, but quietly cross the kitchen floor, so not to alert Mrs. Ragsby. Crowding Sindy on the back step, she turns around.

“Can I help you?” she says laughingly.

The smile on Cristena’s face is all Sindy needed to get up and see what was so important. The three of them lead her into the attic and show her the same door. Sindy is confused, and the puzzled look on her face makes her friends laugh.

“What’s so funny? It’s just a door?” She asked.

“Open it,” Cristena said, smiling.

Slowly, Sindy turns the brass knob and as the door crack open, a ray of light burst from every inch, filling the room with illumination! As the light faded, Sindy saw what was through the door!

“That’s not possible!!” she said as her jaw began to drop.

“That’s what I thought”, Mario replied.


Please Live With Passion!!

A Discovery Made

Mrs. Ragsby's Attic

Cristena slowly makes her way up the stairwell and reaches the second floor. While looking around she hears a sound coming from the attic and notices a pull down ladder that had been left open. Wanting to investigate, she slowly climbs the ladder. Bam! a box falls over behind her and the two light bulbs that were still burning showed two small, brown, furry feet running under a sheet. Grabbing the sheet, Cristena had expected to catch and intruder, instead the feet hurried through a door that was built into the side of the chimney. She carefully makes her way to the door and opens it!

Cristena’s mouth opens the widest that it will go and loses all train of thought!

Racing down the ladder and then the stairwell, she informs Mario & Louis that they must follower her into the attic. Without hesitation, the two boys tossed their cookies on the counter and raced to keep up with Cristena as they zoom up the stairs and dash up the attic ladder for the discovery of a lifetime!!

I want to apologize for this being rather short, my eyes are so heavy that I am misspelling words and can barely keep awake. Just the give and take with writing! As always, thank you so very much for reading, I hope you will continue!! Live With Passion!!