Cold Snow, Warm Memories!


Today, I set out in the southern part of Lawrence County, Illinois for some amazing photos of the two recent snow storms that have blanketed the land with close to 13 inches of glistening white powder. It turned out to be one of the most memorable, if not the best, run so far on this project!


I took my younger sons, Ethan and Rylen back to their mother and returned home for a quick pick up around my home. While cleaning I began thinking about Lynden and how he had gotten a brand new camera of his very own for Christmas, and knew that he would be yearning to take it out and use it! I thought that this would be perfect, given the snow and the drastic change in landscape scenery brought with it, I was right! I was greeted with a big smile and two mugs of hot cocoa.

We drove as far south in the county, as we could and shot west, almost to the very point where I had finished my fall session a few weeks ago. This time however, the gravelled, country roads had one single, solitary pass down them, which ment it was time to go four wheel drive and be on our way. It took Lynden no time to figure his camera out and before I knew it, he was saying, “Stop Dad, I see something!”


For a nine-year old little boy in a car for two and a half hours, he took some amazing photos and saw some things I would not have seen, had I gone by a dozen times! We shot photos right up until it was dark and time to return home. I smiled at him when he said that he wanted to do his own picture book, covering one trip across Lawrence County. It feels meaningful when, through no pushing of your own, your child takes an interest in something you enjoy and has a great time doing it!


While it might have been only 20 degrees outside, with a cold wind blowing, the afternoon was spent making the warmest of memories between a father and his son! 🙂 Thank You for reading, Live With Passion!!


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