2012: A Year Of Memories, Decisions, Changes & Farewells

This will be the best one ever!

This will be the best one ever!

If someone had told me, one year ago, exactly what was going to happen to my life in 2012, I believe I would have had a thermonuclear meltdown. From the ending of a ten-year old marriage, to the passing of a twenty-nine year old life, and in between, all of the splendid moments and hair pulling fiascos that could be packed into 365 days. Isn’t it funny, when things happen, a lot of us say, “If only I had known”, when the truth is that, had we of known, it might leave us within a state of confusion, panic or indecision?

For me, 2012 is a year that I will remember as the turning of a large page in my life. It had started with the decision to be more fit, an act that I followed through with through the spring, summer and early fall, and will start again when the weather turns warmer! I have lost some weight, my knees do not bother me this winter and I can pick out some clothing in the next size down, go ahead and tell me that the last statement sounded girly, LOL! Even us guys like to feel good in our clothes.

If you had told me that my 1996 Cougar would have stopped running, I would have been worried for two months about what I needed to do to fix the situation. Then to tell that the 1996 Jimmy I had bought to replace it with would have to have hundreds of dollars spent on it and that I was going to do the work myself, it would have been far to easy to throw my hands up and say, “To Hell With It!”

Had I of known ahead of time the joy I would see on the baseball field with Lynden this past Spring, it would be like wanting to go and see a great film, only to be told the entire story before hand! To also foresee the smiles and joy from my youngest sons, Ethan & Rylen, would have dulled those wonderful moments when they came. To have three wonderful sons, alive and healthy, alone, makes this a wonderful year!

If you mentioned that Ethan would adopt a black cat and it was to become a member of our family, I would have thought you were insane. But it did, and Smokey has given us that little something extra in our home. To open my door one Sunday morning and see him on our step and then take him for a drive with us, is one day I will not forget!

I would have been relieved to know that I would finally have my wish for a 5 Generation photo granted! To see a picture of my sons with their Great-Great-Grandmother is one of those things that will live forever for Lynden, Ethan, Rylen and myself! For the past couple of years, it had become a worry that I felt, I was gambling with, and somehow seeing just how long it would take to happen or not. 2012 became the year that I laid that worry to rest for good and the peace from that is pure joy.

Death, however, is not! I sometimes think, had I of known my younger brother, Ricky, would be gone before 2012 was, I am not sure how I would begin to handle such news. Maybe, I would have visited a few minutes longer, or just dropped in, real fast, to tell him I loved him, instead of heading home because I was exhausted. Maybe though, I would have had to deal with the fact, that it was going to happen and there was nothing I could have done about it. Since love has no concept of time and is a facit of life to which death can never out race, I hold my brotherly love forever in my heart and thank my God, for the memories that were given to me! I Love You, Ricky!

I have renewed friendships with some I have not seen much in the past few years and have promised to keep those communications open. I have also reconnected with family that once, was strained. I saw my boys, beam from ear to ear this Christmas and will welcome 2013 with them as well!

As for my career, I have sent out more queries to agents this year alone than I have in the ten years, that I have been writing, combined! I have entered more contests than ever before, created my long overdue Facebook page (www.facebook.com/imaginaryfox) and reworked my, long time needed, blog site, combining my photo blog with my writing projects (www.1imaginaryfox.wordpress.com) and have no one, but you to thank, for the wonderful success it has turn into! Thank you so very much for sharing this year, your thoughts, criticisms and insights! This will be the year for Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi and The Boondock Kids!!

I say goodbye to 2012 and for the first time ever, I have no resolution right off the top of my head. I will welcome 2013 with open arms, keeping my head up, my eye on the prize, and my passion strong and determined! Look out 2013, this is the year of the fox!! Live With Passion!

Cold Snow, Warm Memories!


Today, I set out in the southern part of Lawrence County, Illinois for some amazing photos of the two recent snow storms that have blanketed the land with close to 13 inches of glistening white powder. It turned out to be one of the most memorable, if not the best, run so far on this project!


I took my younger sons, Ethan and Rylen back to their mother and returned home for a quick pick up around my home. While cleaning I began thinking about Lynden and how he had gotten a brand new camera of his very own for Christmas, and knew that he would be yearning to take it out and use it! I thought that this would be perfect, given the snow and the drastic change in landscape scenery brought with it, I was right! I was greeted with a big smile and two mugs of hot cocoa.

We drove as far south in the county, as we could and shot west, almost to the very point where I had finished my fall session a few weeks ago. This time however, the gravelled, country roads had one single, solitary pass down them, which ment it was time to go four wheel drive and be on our way. It took Lynden no time to figure his camera out and before I knew it, he was saying, “Stop Dad, I see something!”


For a nine-year old little boy in a car for two and a half hours, he took some amazing photos and saw some things I would not have seen, had I gone by a dozen times! We shot photos right up until it was dark and time to return home. I smiled at him when he said that he wanted to do his own picture book, covering one trip across Lawrence County. It feels meaningful when, through no pushing of your own, your child takes an interest in something you enjoy and has a great time doing it!


While it might have been only 20 degrees outside, with a cold wind blowing, the afternoon was spent making the warmest of memories between a father and his son! 🙂 Thank You for reading, Live With Passion!!