Any Objection To Friday???

After a half an hour of writer’s block, I finished the cafeteria scene at Red Hill Elementary! I thought I was going to never figure out the conversation between Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena, but, in the end it turned out spectacular!

Sindy had come to the conclusion that she would have to return to Mrs. Ragsby’s flower garden, to redraw it from first hand vision. She knew that Mrs. Ragsby might not be home and asked for someone to walk with her, so that her mother would allow her to walk down the street. Naturally, all three of Sindy’s friends agreed, for Cindy had not been there in over a month to visit, while Mario and Louis could think about nothing but the wonderful Chocolate Chip Cookies she made and left in the cookie jar.

However, when Sindy suggests Wednesday, Mario and Louis announce they both have fourth grade basketball practice. Sindy then mentions Thursday, to which Cristena mentions that Thursdays are Family Eat Out Night. Louis announced that when they all were allowed to eat out last month with Cristena’s was a great time, Cristena, over cheerfully agrees, making her shy away quickly and makes Louis blush slightly.

“Any objection to Friday??” Sindy asks.

With their mouths stuffed full of fish sandwich, Mario and Louis shake their heads, saying yes to that day. Cristena, still shocked she had a small, slip of the lip, simply replies, “Yes, that will be fine.” Therefore, on Friday, right after school, Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena will make way for Mrs. Ragsby’s home and into an adventure that will change their lives forever!!!