One Foot Of Snow!


I woke up this morning to a blizzard at 5a.m., so I grabbed my snow shovel and made my way out the front door and for the next hour, scooped my drive clean. It was coming down so hard, that I could hardly see. I then prepared to make my way to work and begin shoveling the front of the store off. I called my boss and was told that we were not opening today, to which I was happy about! I went back inside, shucked down and climbed back into my flannel sheets and went to sleep for two more hours.


What I had when I woke up again was my hour of work wiped clean! My drive had a snow drift in it up to the grill on my Jimmy! I dressed back up with a t-shirt, sweat shirt, scarf, zip up hoodie and my Carhart coat followed by flannel pants on under my jeans and two layers of socks! Yep, it was cold! One hour later, my drive was clean again as was my neighbors sidewalk. I figured that he works all day plowing the snow, so I scraped his walkway up to his front door.


I then switched on the four-wheel drive and ventured five miles to my Grandmothers house to clear her drive, should her or my Great-Grandmother need to get out today. What I got when I got to her house was a four-foot wall of snow at the entrance to her drive. I nervously parked along the road until I cleared the entrance, which took around an hour by itself. I pulled off of the road and spent the next three hours clearing the drive and sidewalks. I finished off my day by clearing my Grandma’s neighbors walk up to her steps in case she needed to get to my grandmother’s house or to the street for an emergency!


I had planned to write tonight, however, a hot shower is calling and shoveling work is ahead tomorrow. I will probably write a little but then it is lights out for me. Wherever you are, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and if it snowed, happy shoveling! Enjoy it and Live With Passion!