Merry Christmas!

After one of my absolute best Christmas Eve’s I have had yet was today! I had my three sons last night and the four of us welcomed my mother,  youngest brother and grandmother into my little but cozy home for a couple of hours of some of the best family time one could ask for! It is wonderful times like this that reminds me just how wonderful things are and how the memories made today are some I will never forget! The boys and I finished this night off at my step mom’s family (to me though, there has never been any question that it is my family as well) and had a wonderful dinner and a couple more hours of good family time. My sons walked away with so much toys, my livingroom is packed to the gills! I will sort it all out tomorrow.

I want to personally wish you the very best for this holiday season! What ever your personal belief is for this time of year, I hope it will be filled with wonderful memories and cherished times with friends and family!