Contests & Interviews

As it turns past 7 p.m., I am just now, retrieving my mail from the mail box and found some awesome news inside! Several weeks ago I submitted B&L into Boulevard Magizine’s Short Fiction Contest and today, a letter arrived, explaining that B&L was accepted and will be considered by the magazine, hopefully to win the contest!

To make things even more wonderful, B&L was also accepted into Fiddleback Magazines consideration for an author review and interview! I would love to tell my story from the darkest days to today! I want to inspire others! For me, the opportunity has always been to inspire at least one person to reach for their dreams and I DID THAT! I regret that my brother, Ricky, had to pass to find out just how much I inspired him but it has made me determined to inspire others. To compare my story to anyone else’s is not my cup of tea, I would, instead, rather work to make others, dark days brighter again! Live with Passion, it is that passion that will yield results! As you already know and I hope have not grown tired of hearing, “Thank you so very much for your reading!!”


I would be honored if you would stop by my author page on Facebook at !

2 thoughts on “Contests & Interviews

    • The only way to look at something is ‘Up’, I believe you can’t look to the future by looking in your rear view mirror! Thank you so very much for reading!! I do hope you will again!

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