They’re Having Fish Today!


One special day at Red Hill Elementary is the day that the cafeteria serves fish and fries for lunch! It seems that not one student brings their own lunch on this day, which comes only once a month, sometimes two, if you’re lucky! Mario and Louis are always the first two in the lunch line, being that Mrs. Nellenfelter’s classroom is so close to the dining hall. Today, however, was different! It was fish day! Sindy and Cristena made sure to be third and fourth on these days, today was even more important, Sindy would decide how she was going to make up her art project and explain herself to her friends. Cristena is doing all that she can to hold the questions back, until they can get seated, while Mario and Louis are attempting to hold their stomachs in check.

You know I am so tired that I can barely hold my eyes open. I very much do not enjoy daylight savings time! I arrive home at dark and almost immediately feel tired and worn of all energy. Winter is my hardest season, I dread the cold and often wonder how others make it on less than I have. I am so very lucky to be where I am at! Being much cooler now, I do not run. The time change has me to the point that I can hardly pull myself out of bed, LOL, you know all about that right? Now, as I type with one eye shut, hoping that I canĀ convenience my brain that I am sleeping, I can only believe with all of my heart that this is all so worth it and in the end, it will work out!

Please know that I enjoy hearing from you and hope you will continue writing and feel free to write to my P.O. Box, I’d love to hear from you! Until tomorrow night, may I have more energy,lol, Please, Live With Passion!