It Could Happen To You

it could

Tonight, I sat down to write and found myself lost in an old film that I have not seen in years. I sat down at my desk and watched the wonderful 1994 film, It Could Happen To You. This has to be, hands down, one of my favorite movies. Yes, I am a guy and I am saying I like this type of film! It follows a man who can’t afford to leave a tip for his waitress at a new york cafe. The kind-hearted man offers her half of a lottery ticket that he had just purchased in exchange for him not having a tip for her. She jokingly accepts and finds out that he won the lottery and keeps his word, splitting four million dollars in half with her! The two become good friends, helping others every chance they get. Both of their marriages are failing however, and as her husband moves back in, his wife throws him out, leaving the two to stay and The Plaza Hotel. The two friends fall in love and stand by one another as their soon-to-be exs try to take their money. They find out that their love for one another is worth so much more than any lottery jackpot could ever be!

I am sitting here tonight, listening to Smokey snore on my bed without a care in the world and I wonder that same question I ask myself, seems like, all of the time. When it comes to true love, is mine out there? I believe it is, I mean, there is someone for everyone. In this day and age however, it isn’t as simple as asking someone out, especially when I set the bar for the next possible someone so high, but truthfully, it means I believe in myself and I know that someone ‘real’ is out there! Someone who is like me, a dreamer, a goal chaser, a person! Lynden has told me twice now in almost two years, that it is alright to date again. It makes me smile knowing that he cares so much, that he wants me to know that he is alright with it.

Truthfully, I have asked out a couple of great women since moving on my own, being turned down on both moments, one rather politely and one, being let go as a friend, never to be talked to again. See, it is always a risk! As a guy, you are supposed to play a game, make them chase you, hide your feelings so they will stay, lie and cheat and I am not that. I grew up watching my mother have her heart-broken repeatedly and learned what I didn’t want to do to someone else. In a relationship, you can want that in your heart and if two people are not on the same page in the book of love, things won’t work.

So why do I harp on this subject? Really, because it is the only thing missing from my life to make it complete and life is far to short to be incomplete. I have a rising career in writing, I have three amazing sons and I have many caring people around me, that God has put there to be a rock when needed.

I know she is out there and when we meet, it will be like nothing ever seen before. One guy, One girl, a friendship, a love and a family! That feeling alone gives me all of the hope I could ever ask for and know that my God is good! Even as I sit here with Smokey sleeping away, I am determined to Live With Passion! As ALWAYS, it means the world to me that you take the time out of your life to be apart of mine! Back to writing tomorrow night!