Sumner Press Column

Sumner Press

Tonight, I ran into Barb, the chief editor for The Sumner Press, out of Sumner, IL. We struck up a brief conversation in the lobby of the Lawrenceville McDonald’s, while I waited for Lynden to finish in the restroom. I have had this idea of doing a column for a newspaper for some time, ever since I ran my part-time column in The Bridgeport Leader (you guessed it, Illinois as well), which drew some readers and was a great experience for me a couple of years ago after I had completed B&L.

Now, a couple of years older and a handle of life lessons later, I am so excited about the picture book, that I want to share it even more! See, Barb is a memorable editor and friend because she was the first person to ever gie me an interview and take a chance on it being worthy for publication. She took a chance on me and I have never, nor will I ever, forget it! Many interviews later, I like the idea of going back to where it all began!

Well, time to keep writing as Lynden sits beside me playing games on my laptop! Enjoy life and please Live With Passion!