Cristena Gets A Tardy!

Even though Cristena had a good reason for being late to class, yet again, it was the fact that she failed to get a slip from a hall monitor that landed her in “Tardyland”. Mrs. Nellenfelter warns her about being very close to detention and stresses the slip. Louis tries to be helpful and uses his “bright side” approach to let Cristena know she almost made it on time.

Cristena surprises Sindy by whispering, “I heard about your art project! You have to tell me what you’re going to do about it at lunch!” Sindy wonders how things travel so quickly.

With The Boondock Kids (TBK for short) going well, I have decided to have Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville (B&L, you guessed it, for short,lol) ran by an editor. We have spoken and a price has been worked out. B&L will cost around $300.00 to edit my rewrites. It should then be set up for another swing at pitching it! As for the agency who almost took it, I am going to put my passion into making a great pitch to them when it is finished and package it into an awesome sell! Hey, if you don’t try, you’ll never know right?!

Live With Passion!!

Christmas Shopping

Today, I broke with the tradition of grabbing my camera and heading out into Lawrence County, Illinois and snapping photos for the opportunity to travel and hour south, to Evansville, Indiana and Christmas shop with my mother. Being that this was the last official week of Fall, my photos will look just the same from a scenery standpoint, therefore, I figure I am not missing this one weekend.

Frankly, I needed to get away for the day! Since my brothers passing, it has been a culmination of emotions, that today, I was able to handle and move on with. This would have been the next time he and I would have gotten together with our mother and I wanted to do this, knowing he was there with us! It was a wonderful time! From Cheeseburgers In Paradise, with their awesome food, to Eastland Mall, which was packed to the gills with people and great deals! I am so very thankful to know that this year, I, myself will be giving them one heck of a Christmas with so many of the things on their lists!

I drove to Evansville and also back home listening to Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, wow, I had forgotten just how much I loved their style of music. Music is such soothing therapy and it so set the mood for a wonderful day! Do you have any classical suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Now comes time to sit back down and figure out just why Cristena Jonson was late to class! I am just as curious as Mario, Louis and Sindy! I hope you have had a wonderful day and tried to Live With Passion and my God Bless Newtown!!