Don’t Flush

Do you ever have those kind of days when you simply laugh at problems, you know, when you should be sighing or closing your eyes from the situation, you just laugh and thank heaven you are alive!? Well, I came home today and cleaned my home in preparation for having my sons tonight, after cleaning I use the restroom and find my toilet will not flush and overflows! Now, some four hours later, I remain with no plumbing and await a call from the sewer cleaning folks. With my bathroom now clean, I sit down to write and see how Cristena handles being given a tardy, or as Mrs. Nellenfelter attempted to give her one anyway!

This is a short post but, I just wanted to vent a small amount before writing! Remember, just Live with Passion!!!


I feel so very sad for the people of New Town Connecticut and the travesty that has happen today! I can only imagine the pain that those poor people are feeling with the loss of their loved ones! Being the proud father of Lynden 9, Ethan 4 and Rylen 3, I could not begin to understand that kind of pain as a parents finding out such horrible news. Even now, sitting here, I fight back tears for such wonderful children who never knew what this day would bring and to the devastated parents who have to deal with such crippling reality. Our reality should be that a parent will always be buried by their children, sadly though, it is not to be!


Although I tell them constantly, Lynden, Ethan & Rylen…Your Daddy Loves You!


May whatever entity you believe in, bless those who suffer tonight!! I will pray for you and yours!!