Cristena Jonson

Being at the point where I had stopped writing last night for a lack of a name for the final girl in TBK, I called Lynden and said, “I need a name bud.” After several weeks, I figured I was pulling teeth, but he surprises me by knowing the name instantly and without hesitation he said, “Cristena Jonson”. (Christina Johnson, spelled a way I thought was different!) So began tonight’s page about Mario, Louis and Sindy hoping that Cristena would beat Mrs. Nellenfelter into class and avoid a tardy, well she doesn’t, although, she puts on a silent show as she makes her way through the door and almost makes it back to the boondocks before being see by Mrs. Nellenfelter and being asked why she is late yet again, for Cristena was known to be the tardiest student in school, bright and charming, but none the less, tardy! She explains that her backpack strap had broken and her books flew everywhere. When asked if she had gotten a slip from a hall monitor, Cristena replies, “No ma’am.” Mario and Louis know that a tardy is coming!

Now as I sit here typing for almost two hours, I can hardly force my eyelids open, a battle between myself and sleep has begun! Even Smokey has given up the fight and crashed on my couch, fast asleep. So as I concede at 11:20p.m., early in my book, I want to hope that tomorrow is yet another payday for you and hope you have a great day! Please check out my entry into Photobucket’s photo story contest at Thanks!

Thank you for being here! Live With Passion!!

2 Days To Go

There are only 2 days remaining before I stop posting and checking my blog here! I have combined this and my writing site into one at I do hope you will stop by and continue reading about my journey through the making of The Four Seasons of Lawrence County picture book and as I continue writing my sixth book, The Boondock Kids. I will also be posting as I work to find representation and success with Marky, Slash & Levy and Barney & Lexi! Thank You very much!


Live With Passion!


"Are you out there doing what your doing, or are you just getting by?"

“Are you out there doing what your doing, or are you just getting by?”

Sitting here writing, I began thinking about a wonderful song I have been hearing on the radio lately and although I am a guy, I have to say it is an awesome and inspirationl piece of music! Pink’s song entitled “TRY” has a chorus that grips my heart and is what I feel, a verbal description of my desire to succeed! It goes…

“Where ever there’s desire, there’s gonna be a flame,

Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned,

But just because it burns, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna die,

YOU GOTTA GET UP AND TRY, TRY, TRY. You Gotta get up and TRY!

That is so trueto everything in life as I see it, so please, get up and TRY!


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