Waiting On Who?”

Today was another cold day, adding to my belief that the warm weather is officially gone and winter has come to Illinois. I am always stiff and sore in the winter because I don’t go for my run when it is this cold out, meaning, I will wait until sometime in March to start again. I have thought about looking into a treadmill, but living in a 500 square foot house and sharing it with three growing boys over the weekend, things would be just a bit crowded and my sons would have less room to play. Perhaps we”ll see…

I came home tonight and sat in my recliner for yet another box of mac & cheese and passed out for an hour and a half. I guess my body said, “To hell with you! If you won’t stop and rest, I do it for you!” I woke up and felt as groggy as could be. I know I should not stay up so late but I’m chasing a dream here and it isn’t going to happen if I take a break and shut myself down! It is a matter of “How Bad Do I Want It?” Well pretty bad, so I climbed out of my chair and into a rather hot shower which helped! I then sat down at my desk, checked my email and Facebook (www.facebook.com/imaginaryfox hey, just letting you know!) before sitting down to start writing around 8:30 p.m.

Now at 10:19p.m., I am finished, for that reason, I am up to the moment at school where I introduce Mario, Louis and Sindy’s good friend who takes up the fourth and final desk in the area of class known as “The Boondocks”. For me to continue, it now falls in the hands of my son, Lynden, who has the task of naming her, as he did the other characters. He had no problem coming up with Mario Gunzel, Louis Honeydew or Sindy Seal, but this one, he has pondered on for several weeks now. Well, sweet son I love so much…your dad needs a name,LOL.

Tonight Mario and Louis listen as Sindy explains how her artwork flew like and airplane into her fireplace. The boys hang on every word and are relieved to find out that Mrs. Nellenfelter is going to give her a week to make it up. However as the three friends are discussing a trip back to Mrs. Ragsby’s flower garden to redraw the picture, Mario and Louis cannot stop looking towards the classroom door and as the school bell rings, Sindy informs them, yet again, that “she….whatever her name will be”, is late again and laughs by saying, “She’s always late.” Mario and Louis hold out hope that their friend can make it into class before Mrs. Nellenfelter. Does she?? Well, that depends on how I feel when Lynden finally delivers a name!LOL

I wish you nothing but a great Thursday and all the best it can bring! Live With Passion!