Busy School Morning

A snippet from what I wrote tonight…

The boys began to quickly shuffle their feet along the brown and white checkered floor of hallway. Since every student knew of the schools hard-line rule about running in the hall, Mario and Louis kept the movement swift, however,  just slow enough to glide under the radar of the hall monitors.

Down at the other side of the hallway, the two reach a green door and made their way inside their classroom. Once inside, Mario and Louis made their way to the back of the class and to the far right, towards a group of four desks that formed, what every student called The Boondocks since it was in the back of the class, and the four students who sat in those chairs where always caught by Mrs. Nellenfelter, looking out the window instead of at the black board.

One of those students was already seated, it was Sindy, a blonde head little girl with her hair pulled back with a pink clip and freckles on her right cheek. She sat at her desk with her yellow sketch book, doodling, possibly for new ideas to her dilemma. She would look up to see Mario and Louis coming towards her and waved slightly and with only a half-smile today, signaling that she was deep in thought! Mario and Louis made no motion back while making their way into the boondocks and each taking their seat. Mario sat in the very corner of the classroom, in between Sindy and the slightly cracked open window, while Louis sat in front of Sindy. The clock had now dwindled down to only three minutes left before the bell and both boys knew that they had to be quick, for the agony of not knowing the main details until lunch, was a torture that would ruin their entire morning.

“Well?” asked Mario.

“Well what?” Sindy politely replied, never taking her eyes off of her sketch book.

“We know about you art project biting the dust,” Louis said bluntly.

school desks

The truth is, as I create the little elementary school that Mario, his friends and brothers go to, I am so excited about it that wish my school could have been just like it! As a writer, I love taking a blank piece of paper and giving life to something that takes on a life of its own and in a way begins to tell you, the author, what to write, that is when I am very deep into the process and all in!

Tonight, Mario and Louis can’t wait to leave Thatcher, Thomas and Mario’s mother outside his brothers Pre-K class and make their way to Sindy. Sindy has had he art project destroyed on accident at home and the two friends are bound determined to find out some details before the first bell! When they reach class, they hardly sit down before opening up a blaze of questions on their friend.

Mario, Louis, Sindy & (a fourth friend, yet unnamed) sit in the back right corner of Mrs. Nellenfelter’s class, that corner block is called by all of the students, The Boondocks, because it is in the back and the four friends are always caught looking out the window and not at Mrs. Nellenfelter!

One funny note before I say goodnight, I always wondered, if a cat ever bit into christmas lights, would it kill it? Tonight, I found out the answer is no, but it does turn out to be a hilarious event from my perspective, and yes, Smokey is just fine! I wish you a great Wednesday and hope you Live With Passion!