Cub Scouts Go To Jail


Well, this has to be the coldest night of the season so far! It is below freezing and even the two layers of socks I have on are only moderately keeping my feet warm! I enjoy the holiday season greatly, but once New Year’s is over, I am pretty much ready for the spring to come around the corner and say “I have arrived!” I don’t like being cold, but frankly, I am not sure many who do.

Being the second Monday night of the month, it meant time to fetch my oldest son, Lynden, for Cub Scout night. Being that I am the Webelos den leader it was agreed upon by me and my assistant/buddy ol’ pal, Ryan, that we would take them to see the county jail to get an award later this month. Well, take them we did and effect them it also did! You ever notice how children can be talking and the moment an officer displays a taser gun, the entire room goes silent? The boys saw cameras, a restraint chair and the dispatch, from where all of the calls come in. Then, they went into the jail itself! They passed real cells (which had steel doors on them instead of see through bars) and even had some residents watch them! There was no problems and everything went good. I think it made a huge impression on the boys! I asked Lynden if he liked going on the tour, his reply, “Well, I don’t have to worry about doing that again?”LOL


I took my son and a friend back home and made my way back to my own and warmed up to yet another box of maccaroni and cheese. I am going to turn into that my mother always says, but hey, its cheap and until the day comes that I cat it away, I will do what I must to survive on my budget! I sat down at my desk and began to write further on The Boondock Kids and with my familiar cuisine beside be, cooling off, I stepped back into the life of Mario Gunzel. I don’t think I have ever explained TBK clearly, however, the story follows Mario Gunzel and his three friends, Louis Honeydew, Sindy Seal and a fourth friend (another girl, whom my son Lynden has yet to give a name to, since he named all of my characters for this story) who are fourth grade students at Red Hill Elementery, a small, picturesque school in middle Oregon. On a search of Sindy something to draw, one day, the four friends discover and underground world (name still not yet known). Filled with trolls, goblins and magicians and an evil queen (you guessed it, name still not known, my son is working hard on it) who rules the land. Mario and friends use their world to help the forces of good in their battle against the evil queen.

old bus pic

As for tonight, I picked up as Mario and Louis have just gotten off of the bus with Mario’s first younger brother Thatcher and were waiting for his mother, who brought Mario’s youngest brother, Thomas to school since he was only three. Thomas and Thatcher, who was four, share the same pre-k class but Thatcher was very mature and rode the bus with Mario this year. Mario and Louis secretly could not figure out why Thomas loved school so much and vowed to figure it out everyday. The little school with a majestic warmth given off by the classroom doors that were some, red, some blue, and even some yellow and green made the boys wonder if the colors made Thomas happy? The boys had learned that Sindy, the best artist in al of fourth grade, has her art assignment torn up on accident and were hoping to get into Mrs. Nellinfelter’s class with enough time to see what Sindy was going to do about it!


And after some time writing, I have decided I am in need of a hot shower and a small piece of perspective,LOL. It is here, tonight that I want to bid you a wonderful day tomorrow and say thank you so very much for reading! Remember…Live With Passion!