Just A Reminder

I wanted to take a moment to throw back out there that in a few days, I will not be posting to this blog site anymore! I have combined it and my writing blog into one to make it much more personal and allow me to be more into writing one blog covering all of my work versus two separate blog sites. You can find it at www.markyslashlevy.wordpress.com and I would love for you to drop by and ‘like’ my Facebook page www.facebook.com/imaginaryfox ! I hope you will follow me into this transition, as I truly enjoy hearing from you!! Remember, Live With Passion!!

Life In Drive


Well, we need the rain here in southern Illinois, but on picture day? It had rained half of the night and early morning, only to stop around the noon time, when I took my sons back to their mother. I thought that maybe it was over, so I went back home, fed my door, who lives outside in a straw filled dog house, came inside, ran the sweeper, did the dishes and ate some lunch before grabbing my map, my camera and my keys.


I walked outside to find it raining just enough to keep things wet but nowhere near enough to slow me down! I tossed my things into the Jimmy and headed south, out-of-town and into the middle of nowhere! It was somewhat of a somber day, It has been a week now since I laid my brother to rest and I listened to some songs that had been played at his service. Bad idea on a rainy day!! I had a good cry but truly it was a good cry because I knew he was right there with me!


I turned off the music as I turned off onto the first gravel road. I don’t care to listen to the radio when I drive through the countryside. The less distractions I have, the more I feel I take in all of the splendid beauty that nature has to offer me! Too many time we drive to fast or ave the ‘tunes’ up so loud, that we forget what is all around us. I like only the sound of nature, and my Jimmy doing only 15 m.p.h.! I even take my car out of overdrive and into drive, life is so much less complicated in drive I believe!


The rain was not that bad really! I got some very good shots and stayed out until the daylight savings time stole my light. I cracked both of my windows just enough to let some amazing wind in and I found myself stopping now and then, closing my eyes and saying to myself, “Damn, this is nice!” You ever stop to think about how little we do these types of things? Whether in a large city or a quiet countryside, I believe life is about stopping for a moment, closing your eyes and know some things are just plain nice!


Although I am beginning to miss my younger brother, Rick much more now, having not seen him in a few weeks, we always saw one another at least two or three times a month, I am sitting at my desk right now, thinking about how he lived his life and am more determined to share his wonderful outlook!!


Before I jump off here for the night, I have been thinking about adding video to my blog…what do you think??? As tomorrow is yet another Monday, I hope you will take that moment, as I will, to Live With Passion! Know that you reading and sharing with me means so very much!! I wish you a great night!!