I Call Her Marcie…


This morning, my alarm went off and once again I could have used a crane to get me out of my bed! I hate that, really I do! Most of this year, I would get up at 5 o’clock, go through my fifteen minute prep for running by listening to Tony Robins, who is awesome, and then go for a 45 minute run at the high school track, which by the way, is only one block from my home!

Perhaps it is the seasonal change!? I love the holidays but dread the being shut in for three months. Some say that it might be that “Seasonal Depression” thing people can get, that would be my luck, lol! However, I did not get out of my bed until 6:30a.m. and drug my feet, which I don’t like to do, but when your tired; into my bathroom for a very fast shower before grabbing the work I had generated late last night and needed to run to the post office.

Now working for a small, quaint, lumber yard, it is a sure guess that my boss will work with me, should I need to run an errand, which I did! I walked into work and right up into his office. I asked if he had any post that needed to go out, he said no. I then quickly said I would need to go to a post office before the end of the day, (which on Saturday is Noon) to take care of some things. Two hours later, I was on my way to the post office.

My town has a not-so-large post office, so tiny, that the postmaster, herself, runs the counter everyday and I am ever so thankful that the postal service voted, narrowly, to keep it open and keep Marcie in a job. You got it, I call her Marcie! I have been coming into the post office so much this year, that have become a first name basis customer. She always asks, “Where you got stuff going this time?” Today was no different, for last night I sat up late and put together two mailings for agents in New York City and was needing a money order to send off Barney & Lexi to Brooklyn to Boulevard’s Short Story Contest. I like my little post office very much, it is close by and Marcie is ever so helpful. In fact, she and I discussed DBA (Doing Business As) forms that I have to fill out to run all of my works under one business name, fun stuff that cost money, for short! It all costs money thought, LOL!

I got home and found an opportunity waiting for me via Facebook, Professional Publications is having an online editing contest for stories and I jumped on and entered it! As always, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and look for the best! Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens said it best one time, “If you ever do anything…don’t waste talent”! True words from a man who knows first hand!

I will have my little boys, Ethan & Rylen tonight, as Lynden was invited to a hockey game and will not be home until late. I hope Smokey, (our black cat) gets some sleep before then, cause, it is going to be a long night for him! Look for daily posts and never be afraid to write, I read every comment and thank you for reading! I would also enjoy having you like my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/imaginaryfox ! I hope you Live With Passion! (as Tony would say)

I’m Gonna Be Somebody!!!


Tonight, I took my oldest son, Lynden to buy him a new winter coat. We walked in and I told him to pick out the one he wanted, even though it was not the choice I had first on my mind, it was a nice, warm winter coat and it was so much fun watching him smile over it. To know that him and his brothers will be warm this winter is the best feeling in the world. After paying my rent, my child support and this warm coat, I return home tonight, as broke as I was when I woke up this morning. today was also payday.

I’ve been writing for almost a decade and I can remember when I first wrote The Adventures of Marky, Slash & Levy. I began writing and could not contain myself! I was doing what I had always wanted to do and felt as though I was on top of the world! Truthfully, I am glad we don’t know what is coming down the road, if we did we might not fight for a dream! Had I of known back in 2003, when I started Book One, that ten years later, I would still be making the same amount of money, be living on my own and have close to 75 total rejections to my credit, it would have been so easy before I finished that first book to simply give up, say “I can’t do it”.

I share my one bedroom house with a black cat (of all things), that my son Ethan found as a stray, there are so many nights, that I sit at this computer and think about those rejections, 45 are in my filing cabinet and the other 30 some, are in a box in my closet. I think about being only 33, having three sons and praying to God that I can make it. I have to make it!

Since I began writing in 2003, I haven’t quit! I have taken breaks in between stories, but never said, “I quit!” Tonight, I sit here, hoping my blog does well, hoping my Facebook page will get a few “likes” and that an agent will be inspired by my work and my dream will come true. Earlier this year, I sent my work to one agency that I had met at a writer’s conference in Connecticut. They passed on one but liked Barney & Lexi : Lost In Lawrenceville. Being busy, they asked if I would check back with them in a few months and go from there. It felt great! After years of writing and working, I felt again, on top of the world.

Regrettably, I was turned down after waiting. The greatest heartbreak is to work so hard, get that small taste of accomplishment, then find yourself right back where you started from! Since then, I have tried to keep my head up, I have too! I’m not giving up on that agency either! I think about how the world of literary agents is someones opinion vs. your own. They have a nice living, they are living their dream, I am no different!

Truth is, tonight, while buying Lynden his winter coat, I could not help but wonder what I was going to eat for supper this week, being almost broke. I have lived off of cheap box mac and cheese for an entire year and I can tell you that it bogs you down and drains you of what you like to do. For me, it was running, I feel great when I am on the track and making my legs stronger! Lately, it is hard to climb out of bed, even when I have to be to work within 15 minutes. Still, tonight, I believe! I believe I am a great author! I believe that this will all pay off and there will be a day very very soon, that I will walk my boys into Kohl’s and pick out their coats and know that I earned the right not to worry!

When I look at my sons, I tell myself….I’M GONNA BE SOMEBODY!!! Live With Passion