Exhausted But Grateful

With my brother laid to rest, I feel a sense of peace after reading, today, an entry in his diary that said he did not fear dying and was ready, should he pass on. Although I will never get over him being gone, I am grateful to have him in my heart and my mind! It is with a sad but now fully determined heart that I update this site as well as my pic book site (fourseasonsof.wordpress.com) and make this stuff happen! He would and I will! Look for changes as I have my net back and am on air!



After the loss of my brother this week, we picked up the flowers from the funeral home today. After the past week I am very exhausted and decided that instead of shooting photos today, I would try to gather my thoughts after this week and work on the pic book site as well as my site for my writing (markyslashlevy.wordpress.com). I hope you know that I will be back at taking photos next Sunday and posting them for you to see! It means the world that you understand in this insane week! Thank You so much! Levi