A Sad Moment

Tuesday afternoon I received a phone call that I had never hoped to get. In this call, I was told that my brother had passed away at age 29. Even now, sitting here, writing you, I feel as numb as a pin cushion. I can’t begin to imagine that one day a person can simply be here, only to come the following day and simply be gone. My mind is ablaze with memories and thoughts of had I have just done this or been there for that. I loved my brother deeply and forever will, I just wish this did not have to be. It feels like living in the Twilight Zone, like it ain’t real and that in the morning I will be able to wake up, drive the short two miles to his house, and he will be there to greet me. Sadly, life doesn’t give us that option.


Being a writer himself, and just finishing his memoirs earlier this year, he told me that I inspired him. I wish I could have him around for even just one more day to let him know just how much he inspired me, writer to writer! I love you Rick and always will little brother and just as I know my writing will see success, I promise yours will as well!!!

Richard Allan Shidler

April 30th 1983  –  November 27th 2012

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