The After Thanksgiving Shoot

After not being out on the road this past two weeks, I want to apologize for the gap in posts! It has been somewhat rough this month and this thing called live has gotten in the way. I do hope you understand.

I am happy to say that this week, my internet is being connected and my site will get a much need update. I am looking forward to doing more of my work from home and save on the fuel costs!

Being the first weekend after Thanksgiving (which was awesome for me and my sons) left me full and very slow for that matter. I grabbed a Mello Yello today, taking a break from my routine RC Cola and made my way south, to one of the most isolated regions of Lawrence County, Illinois.

The weather was awesome though! Around here the time has changed, thanks in part to daylight savings time, which means my shoots are about one hour shorter and the sun is giving me a shadow much faster. It was peaceful however, the wind blowing and nothing but the sounds of weeds and grasses dancing in it.

I love old fence posts! I know that sounds insane but, it is always eye-catching to see a large, open field, turned under for the winter, and one lonely, isolated fence post still hanging on, long after the fence it once held was long gone. These post have so much to say, all one has to do is stop and listen.

This time of Fall is always wonderous. The hardwood trees around here are reluctantly clinging to their brown leaves, patiently waiting for mother nature to take them away. At one point, after a shot, I leaned against my Jimmy and simply watched one tree just blow in the wind. It was awesome!

With it getting late and my laundry still needing finished before I turn in for the night, I made end this here. Again, please understand my gap in posts, with the internet this week that will all change, thank goodness! I do want to thank my parents for the use of theirs! Remember….Live With Passion.

Imaginary Fox

P.O. Box 134

Bridgeport, IL. 62417

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