Fall, Father & Son

Today, I began my shoots later in part to, a black cat. My four-year old, Ethan, saw a young black cat outside my home as he and his brothers made their way to my car to return to their mother’s. Needless to say, he fell in love with it and pleaded with me to keep it. “Please,” he said. “It needs a good home and I love him!” Now how could I say no to that?? When the time came to head out for the countryside, Lynden and I made our way to the local Wal-Mart for a liter box, food and water bowl. Anything for our children right, LOL. His name is Smokey and he now has a home!

Today was great! Lynden rode with me for the first time in a while. We finished a small area, south of town and remained out until almost dark. The leaves are mostly gone, however, the ones that remain are brown and beautiful!

The sun was out and turned a rather cool afternoon into a wonderful array of color! Lynden took four or five very good shots before reclining his chair, putting on his earphones and listening to my MP3 player. As usual, he fell asleep, although, there is something wonderful about having him them. Though he is asleep, he looks so peaceful and happy riding through the countryside beside me! It reminds me of taking trips through the same country with my grandfather, when I was his age.

The time change here, I must admit had me completely confused. Today began daylight savings time and, even now, sitting here, I feel as though it is bedtime instead of early evening! It closed our time in the field early but it remained an afternoon I will remember and cherish!

There is some exciting news coming soon about my writing and my photo books. I want so badly to let you in on it right now, but since some situations have just been put into place and it will be a month or two before these new “things” see light. I do hope you will stay in touch for it!

I have my new P.O. Box and look forward to hearing from you!

Imaginary Fox

P.O. Box 134

Bridgeport, IL. 62417

I will have the internet back in my home before Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and will be given my site a long overdue update. I thank you very much for your patience and for sticking in there with me over the last few months. Until next Sunday, LIVE WITH PASSION!

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