FALL…My Favorite Season!

Well, what should have been me welcoming my internet back into my home for the first time in eight months turned into a couple of hundred bucks in new part for my Jimmy, which the water pump stopped working on. I must say that I went to the post office this past week to open my P.O. Box and the woman behind the counter was a temp and had no idea where the keys were to them, thus, I am afraid to say, it will be this week, I hope you understand!

I Love Fall! I know I have said it before but I do! The color, the air, the temps! Today, I climbed into the Jimmy and took off for the south end of Lawrence County and shot 63 amazing photos! It was a beautiful day! Slightly overcast, cool, a slight wind in the air, all for an awesome day in the country side!

The Jimmy did wonderful! It ran the entire day 60 degrees cooler than it ever has! That’s a wonderful thing! I rolled the windows down and let the wind blow through and blow it did! My hair, which needs cut, was crazy, none the less, it is always a rush to feel the wind blow from miles across the freshly cuts crop fields and brush you in the face!

I regret that I must keep this short, Lynden came with me so he could see his Grandpa and Grandma and it is time for him to return to his mother. I enjoy having him here, but, he is barely hanging on in my dad’s recliner. SO…internet this month, updated site and pictures AND a P.O. Box to which I hope you will share thoughts and photos! Until then, Live With Passion. 


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