Updates and Other Stuff…

This past week was my vacation for my “paying” work and I had planned to lay out a day to do nothing but sit at my desk and plug away on mailers for Barney & Lexi and Marky, Slash & Levy. I then was going to get back on the horse, for lack of a more appealing expression, with The Boondock Kids and Jack. I set out 30 mailers for B&L and 3 for MS&L before my keyboard and mouse went south.

I spent 30 dollars on a new, wireless mouse and keyboard, plug them in and began to get back at it. Then the printer told me my color ink was down and would not print. I wonder back to Wal-Mart and grab a 20 dollar color cartridge and put it in. The printer then set the black was to low to print, LOL, thus, back to Wal-Mart for a 18 dollar cartridge. 70 dollars so far,LOL!

Then I start back with the printing and find the pages only halfway printed. After some searching, I found that the print head had a blow out and was not working. That marked the end of writing and mailing for the week, needless to say, BUMMER!

I did get some very good mailers out though and with some good luck, I am sure some great news will come my way!

As for TBK and Jack, they have been at a standstill as of late. This week, however, I see that changing! Once the internet is back on at my home I will have much more time to give a daily report to you, my wonder reader! Until then, we just have to do the best with what we have don’t we?

Next Sunday, I will have the new P.O. Box number set up. I invite you to send me comments and advice on updating the site. I know it needs updating but have little time at my folks home to do what needs done. I do hope you understand!


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