Updates and Other Stuff…

This past week was my vacation for my “paying” work and I had planned to lay out a day to do nothing but sit at my desk and plug away on mailers for Barney & Lexi and Marky, Slash & Levy. I then was going to get back on the horse, for lack of a more appealing expression, with The Boondock Kids and Jack. I set out 30 mailers for B&L and 3 for MS&L before my keyboard and mouse went south.

I spent 30 dollars on a new, wireless mouse and keyboard, plug them in and began to get back at it. Then the printer told me my color ink was down and would not print. I wonder back to Wal-Mart and grab a 20 dollar color cartridge and put it in. The printer then set the black was to low to print, LOL, thus, back to Wal-Mart for a 18 dollar cartridge. 70 dollars so far,LOL!

Then I start back with the printing and find the pages only halfway printed. After some searching, I found that the print head had a blow out and was not working. That marked the end of writing and mailing for the week, needless to say, BUMMER!

I did get some very good mailers out though and with some good luck, I am sure some great news will come my way!

As for TBK and Jack, they have been at a standstill as of late. This week, however, I see that changing! Once the internet is back on at my home I will have much more time to give a daily report to you, my wonder reader! Until then, we just have to do the best with what we have don’t we?

Next Sunday, I will have the new P.O. Box number set up. I invite you to send me comments and advice on updating the site. I know it needs updating but have little time at my folks home to do what needs done. I do hope you understand!


Last Sunday (The Last Summer Shots of 2012)

First of all, I want to apologize for not being here this past sunday! Truth is, after I got in the last shots of summer 2012, I was almost completely out of fuel and did not have enough to make it to my folks house in the northern part of Lawrence County and return home for work the next day. I hope you understand!

Last Sunday was over cast and quite cool, which made for an opportunity to roll down the windows on my Jimmy and switch off the AC! The dust ultimately returned but I kept the pace at 10 m.p.h., so the dust was kept out of the cab and the wind blew almost the entire four hours, which felt awesome!

In case you didn’t notice, but I am sure you already did, there are no photos of the last days of summer! Good Reason! Today I brought my grandmother car up to my folks for a wash and wax instead of shooting photos. Hey, you gotta help out your Grandma don’t ya?? Well, I got everything to clean  loaded into her car and headed up to my folks. As the time came to log on and share my experience with you, my amazing reader, I realized that the photo card was left behind in my Jimmy which was ten miles away. Being almost nine o’clock at night, I ask that you please understand that I will not be loading them tonight for that reason. Next Sunday, I will have the first photos of fall!

Before I go, I want to say Thank You for reading! To know that my babble is not simply floating out into the void means so very much! Next Sunday, I will also have the P.O. Box address posted! I want to invite you to mail me some of your great scenic shots and advice on how I can make this “Thing” much more enjoyable. I will soon have the internet back at my home and will be able to retool it to make this “Thing” more exiting!

Until then, Live With Passion!!

A Great Backwoods Day

OMG, this not having internet at my own home is becoming such a hinderance! I have only a short time to share my day with you and I APOLOGIZE. Last week was a no go, since I succumbed to a multitude of stresses and literally crashed over the Labor Day weekend. Again I am sorry!

To add to the blah, my photo uploader tonight will not let me preview my photos, so, I’m posting blindly. Lord I need my own internet!

oh, man I just realized it is 9 o’clock and I still have to drive 14 miles home to eat supper! I hope you will hang in while this goes through a crazy phase! I enjoy very much hearing from ya!