Round 2

With last week being my final handful of “not” traveled roads, I began my way back around Lawrence County, Illinois for the second (of four) trips. To make this day even more special, my son Lynden joined me and got some great shots on his own! He ultimately fell asleep but he said he loved seeing places he hadn’t before!


After dropping my two little boys off, Lynden and I returned home so that I could clean up and finish my laundry. That entire time, Lynden wanted to get out and start taking photos. The parent in me kicked in and I reminded him that some things had to be taken care of first in order to do that.


We finally did take off and began just outside of the town of Lawrenceville and made our way towards the Wabash River and the border with Indiana. Once again, the lack of rain this summer brought the return of the looming dust cloud that was left everywhere we went! The Jimmy is no longer silver with black tires, but rather, earth toned from top to bottom, literally!


The weather is finally beginning to break, as the hotter than heck summer is slowly letting go to the Illinois fall. With that said, it will soon be time to purchase yet another memory card for the fall season.  I recently checked and have close to 1,500 photos. Should that stay its course through all four seasons, then I figure I will complete this mission with close to 6,000 photos! Then, the hard work will begin, sorting through those and selecting the best for each seasonal volume.


I have thought about turning this into a YouTube video journey as well, however, I am not that suave in front of a camera, so, that may not be the best idea.


I loved having Lynden with me today! I would stop to mark my map and just look at him, fast asleep, laying in the passenger seat. It is moments like this that make everything so worth it!! So as I leave you this week, I wish you an awesome week ahead and hope you Live With Passion!!

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