Fall Down, GET UP!!

Last week I got the shock of a lifetime. A literary agent who had liked Barney & Lexi passed after two months of positive hope. I spent the following Monday and Tuesday somewhat lost, wondering, “Do I have enough left in the tank to keep this ten-year dream alive?” My answer on Wednesday? I sat down after work for five hours and generated ten manuscripts and sent them off to ten different agencies!

Tomorrow I am entering B&L into two more contest for this year! There are times that I feel as though I am leaving Marky, Slash & Levy behind but I believe that with one great story published, that can led into a great series becoming published also!

Am I worn out? You bet your A** I am! I have been plugging away for close to ten years! However, I believe that if you want something strong enough, you will pick yourself up every single time you fall down. I will not fall down without getting back up. PERIOD!

As for The Boondock Kids, my oldest son, Lynden, finally came up with the name for Mario Gunzel’s best friend. He chose Louis Honeydue. I like it! Next he has to choose two girl names, LOL, that will be fun to watch! I have set TBK in the fall in what I think will become Oregon.?

As for Jack, Ashley and I had a great meeting last Tuesday and pounded out some great ideas! My problem is going home, eating supper and not falling sleep while eating! I am thinking about drinking coffee before it is even winter. That’s when I usually drink the joe.

Have I ever mentioned that I miss having the internet in my own home? I drive 13 miles after shooting pictures for the picture book (forseasonsof.wordpress.com) for 5 hours. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though!

Is it rough? Yep, what in life worth while isn’t? Do I fall down a lot? Tons!! Do I get back up? EVERYTIME!! Until next week, LIVE WITH PASSION!!

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