Darn near it!

Do you see the face?

Do you see the face?


Today was the first day since I began this assignment in January that, amidst a drought, it sprinkled on me! It was far from a “rain”, but it was nice to have enough moisture on my windshield to remove the dust that had been collected from the day!


After milkshakes from McDonald’s for my boys and a dropping them off with their mother, it was the typical laundry, vacuum and dishes before heading out. I love the feeling of coming home after five or six hours snapping and entering a clean and taken care of home! In the beginning, I tried doing all of these things after coming home, but found myself up until midnight or later doing dishes. Now with my writing two books at the same time, LOL, I need those hours for that!


I grabbed my RC Cola, dropped 20$ in the tank and made my way to the same point that I first noticed my overheated engine two weeks ago! Today was overcast, which was rare, and really welcome! The temperature was in the low 80’s which is a godsend, given the fact that for two months straight it has been 95 or higher!


The strange thing about today was the fact that this part of Lawrence County seemed to look so much the same, corn fields and irrigation equipment! One or two shots out here and they started to seem the same.


I like this photo but it does not shout ‘warm and fuzzy’ does it?lol

The Embarass River runs along the town of Lawrenceville and sadly that is where I have seen the most garbage tossed to the side of the road. I saw plenty of bottles but what blew me away is I saw T.V.’s, microwaves and even whole couches tossed off to the side of the road. That is one thing I will never do! I mean if you left that couch their forever, you know how long it will take to return to the earth? Come on people! Not to mention what will happen when a mowing crew comes by and gets up close and personal!


This one does!

None the less, it was an awesome day! Next Sunday will make the completion of trip #1 through Lawrence County Illinois. Something I am really proud to say! It means that one-quarter of my assignment has been completed and I’m having a blast along the way. Oh, I almost forgot, with some request of some readers wanting to send me some scenic photos and things to try with shooting photos, I decided to get that PO Box. This week I have to nail down the rate and get it paid. I will let you know what it is. With that said, it is time to close out another Sunday. I wish you all the best on a great week and hope you LIVE WITH PASSION!

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