Coming along with ‘Jack’ and TBK

This week I have been spending more time working on ‘Jack’ than The Boondock Kids simply because I have not gotten with my co-writer, Ashley for several weeks now and want to get a couple more pages down before we meet on Tuesday. I am midway through the scene I am writing and I’ll be finished with it. I plan on sitting back down tonight and working on TBK with another page or so.

 As for Barney & Lexi, I have sent them off to a couple more contests, so keep your fingers crossed! I have had no word from an agent who is interested but those things take time! I am trying to work on some more MS&L sketches, I’ll keep you up on them as they get done.

I apologize for the cluttered post, but I still have no internet at my home, thus I am ever so grateful for my folks laptop and their kitchen table! I have decided to get that PO Box that I have been asked about from my picture book site ( I’ll let you know when I get it nailed down. Until then, I wish you an awesome week and hope you LIVE WITH PASSION!

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