A Miss And A Half Sunday

First of all, I can’t begin without apologizing for the miss last Sunday, it was a nail-biting shoot to say the least! I took my sons home at noon and took out for what I was hoping would be the completion of my first pass through Lawrence County. I grab some great shots around the old gravel pits when I began to notice a smell that was familiar although, I could not place it to save my life.

I continued driving, snapping shots and stirring dust. I then managed to wonder into the back side of the county airport which I quickly found out was posted on the end that I came back out of! I turned around and ‘got out of dodge.

I took one more shot and climbed back into my Jimmy. I then noticed the corners of my windshield hazed over. Right then I knew what that familiar smell was, it was antifreeze!

I checked my temperature gauge and found it almost in the warning area! I quickly turned off the a/c and turned the heater on full blast, which pulled the dial back enough I was able to make my way back towards Lawrenceville, the closet town to me, and where my grandmother lived to park the Jimmy.

I made it the long way to the highway and watched as the gauge began to climb again, not to mention the temperature in the cab! I entered Lawrenceville with the caution light flashing on and off, meaning it was borderline crossing into the warning area! I reached a hill before my grandmothers home and turned off the engine and coasted to the curb out front.

I spent the past monday night (and 120 bucks) changing out antifreeze, thermostats and hoses. After four hours of sweating and working none stop, I not only had the Jimmy back on-line, but running ten degrees cooler! Today I did not take any photographs because me and my sons went to my fathers for my oldest son, Lynden’s ninth birthday party. It was a great evening today and some great memories were made!

I will end tonight by saying that next Sunday will be the end of the first cycle through Lawrence County! To say I will have been down every road in this county is something I will be very excited about! So until then, LIVE WITH PASSION! P.S. THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR READING!!

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