The Land of the Faded Stop Sign


With just the right amount of rainfall yesterday, today was the first day since May that I did not have to eat dust every time I climbed out of my Jimmy to snap a shot! What a relief! The inside of my Jimmy is so dirty, not from garbage, but from dust and dirt.

Looks like a dog getting ready to cross the road!

Today was undoubtedly the day for the faded stop sign! I counted 20 signs that where all but white, barely able to be seen and read until one was right up on it. Some were almost covered with vines and nearly laying on the ground from motorists who must have decided that they needed relocated and wanted to do their fair share by moving it.


I took my map for summer off the wall today and tossed in into my vehicle, knowing that today I was heading towards an area that had more twists and turns than ever before and knew it was going to be handy, and boy was it! 

I always feel so at peace when I am out in the country and snapping my shots for you! No matter what is going on in my crazy world, nothing compares to getting out and slowing the pace down to a crawl! I crossed an area that I had never been in before, something I enjoy very much. Parts of this area found homes few and far between as they gave ways to trees and fields.


It was what I would term, a normal afternoon with my camera. For the first time I noticed that the long drought around here was starting to kill the corn and wither the trees to nothing. Even the slow rain yesterday did nothing but run off and disappear.

End of the line?

This session ended on an exciting note! The very last road I was on ended with a ‘bridge closed’ sign that had once went over the dry creek bed. My first thought was “That’s fine, I’ll just turn around and drive the mile and half back to the nearest road.” Then I noticed a four-wheeler trail leading down into the dried creek bed. I walked it to the other side and climbed up the hill. I then decided that I was much closer to the highway than I were to turn around. I made my way back to my Jimmy, made my way onto the four-wheeler trail and locked her into four-wheel drive and into the creek I went. With sand flying, I reached the other side and felt the horse power kick in as she growled her way up the bank and back onto the old, deserted country road. Such a rush for something that happen so quickly, but awesome none the less!

Not for this Jimmy!

Now it is time to return home and prepare for another work week that I will spend thinking about my future and realizing just how close I truly am to it! Until next Sunday, LIVE WITH PASSION!

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