Today, I took my sons home and decided that I would do my laundry before leaving for shooting today. See, I do not have a washer and dryer in my home and have to go to the local laundry mat. It takes me just over an hour to do two loads on a normal day. Today however, the red blanket that covers my boys mattress was my company as Lynden’s upset stomach decided that it had had enough being uncomfortable and threw up on it. Being a dad, I help blow noses and wipe bottoms after going to the potty, but there is something about vomit that freaks me out when I am trying to clean it up! That made for a third load of laundry that took an hour and a half.

By 2:30p.m., it began to cloud up and for the first time in almost two months, Lawrence County received a very badly needed rainfall. Hence, I did not make it out to the north end for some shots. It was well needed and I must say that I feel asleep in my recliner for a couple of hours.

I did want to say that I have decided in favor of a P.O. Box for my blog site. It will not become a reality until the end of the month. I wanted to thank you for suggesting the idea, perhaps it will work out great!

I regret to say that it must be yet until another Sunday before I can snap some shots and share them, but, soon the opportunity will come that I will have more than enough funds to have my own internet and so much more! Things are already looking up and it is just a matter of hanging in there and keeping my chin up! Until next Sunday, LIVE WITH PASSION!

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