Ok 50 hours a week (can you still pay me and I only work 30?)

What else can I be grateful for? I am alive and healthy as are my three awesome sons! My parents are both still alive and I have a subtle relationship with both of them. My grandmother is alive, as is my GREAT- grandmother! I have a vehicle to get back and forth in that looks really descent (especially when I get the back-end re done). I have a roof over my head (I think that puts me in the top 30% of people in this world, so thanks go above for that one). I have five books to my career thus far, working on my picture book (fourseasonsof.wordpress.com), my sixth solo work and a collaborative effort with a very good friend (more like a sister if you want to know).

With my new writing area that, I must stress for the first time since writing, is kick ass, I find myself sitting down at my desk and falling asleep before I even begin writing. Am I losing my edge, I do nothing but think about my stories and my career all day long when I am at work!? To that I wish I could only report to my “paying job” for 30 hours a week and continue receiving my 50 hour a week pay. I believe that is a dream not just shared by me, LOL!

I have been told that three projects at once is a load but I am excited about them and have become somewhat obsessed lately with seeing them through. I know the time will soon come when I will no longer be confined to a 50 hour a week place of employment and will have the time to switch to writing and completely place things in my own path.

LOL, enough babble, until next Sunday, LIVE WITH PASSION!

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