Dry As A Bone

With the temperature near the 100* mark, I dropped off my boys and returned home to run my laundry and clean my house before heading out at 2 o’clock for the north-eastern corner of Lawrence County. First, I found my way to the car wash to remove the battery of bird dropping that riddled my Jimmy. That is the result of having to park under a tree at home. Then, with the heat baring down, I was off, I had my camera, my RC Cola and the AC.


The moment I turned off of IL RT.1, I began my quest to stir up as much dust as possible. You see, it has not rained in Lawrence County in almost two months and to say that things were a tiny bit parched would be an understatement. Almost immediately, I came across a creek that was bone dry and had not seen a drop in weeks. I came to a stop on the bridge and without thinking, opened my car door and was welcomed by a large wave of dust. I got the shot of the dry stream and made my way onward into the dust I had created.


It was warm enough outside that every farm animal I came across today was shade bound or in the nearest pond that still had water in it. It was bright but that makes for great shots in certain areas, and for that I was ever so grateful. Truthfully, the only time the sunlight is against me is near 5 o’clock, creating my shadow to find its way around the front of me.


One moment I enjoy about taking photos is when I have the opportunity to stumble across old homes and barns that are lost to mother nature and near collapse. Today proved to be a great day for just such shots. It is proof that what we spend our lives trying to contain, mother nature can reclaim on only a few short years. I am always reminded of how wonderful nature can be at 10 to 15 m.p.h.


Tonight I end by being so very grateful! Grateful to be alive, grateful to have my awesome sons, grateful to be a writer and grateful to have the opportunity to write my blogs and hear from such wonderful readers. You truly are the best. I’m still not sure if I am proceeding with a P.O. Box, I reckon I will but that is for another post.



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