Father’s Day

Being that it’s Father’s Day, you can figure that I did not shoot any photos today! I did spend half of this much warmer day with my three amazing sons, who went and got me some really cool shirts and shorts for the summer, which is almost upon us! To say that I am truly blessed with my children is such an understatement! Thank You to Lynden, Ethan & Rylen, boys, your Daddy loves you lots & lots!!


After my sons went home with their mother, I have spent the second half of this Father’s Day at my fathers. It has been a year since I gave his work car a through detailing and with it the day for DAD, I spent four hours going through his car with a vacuum, armor all & a soapy hand mit! By day’s end, he had a vehicle that appeared to have just been driven home from the dealership! Just one very small gift to a father who has taught me so much in my 33 years here. Happy Father’s Day DAD!


I will begin next Sunday with a new picture disc, this time it will be for Summer! I will be starting in the last quarter of the county that has yet remained untouched by my cameras lens! By summer’s end, I will have covered the entire grid of Lawrence County Illinois for the first out of four times for this project. The Four Seasons Of Lawrence County will have four volumes, one for each season. I figure to be one-fourth the way through as of this moment. Cheers to that!


With regret, but also with a lot of pride, my son, Lynden’s baseball season has come to an end. Now with two months of no son related events until after school picks back up in late August, it is time to pedal down on the picture book, and Jack (my collaboration) and work on Marky, Slash & Levy getting to an agent. As for Barney & Lexi, things are looking way up!


Thanks also must go out to you! After one week away I have returned to so many polite and simply awesome comments! Thank You so very much! I want to end by wishing you a great Father’s Day and remember to Live With Passion!

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