When You Think It’s Lost (There It Is)

I’ll have you know that last week, after heading home from my folks house (which is where my only source of the internet comes from) I found a pair of khaki shorts on the floor that I had forgotten to wash and inside the pocket was the ‘Spring’ picture disc that I had previously thought to be on its way to the local landfill! Grateful to say the least, I quickly placed it on the self with the other discs and took in a big sigh of relief.

Did I also mention that last week a New York City agent wrote me and said she liked Barney & Lexi (my short story, written three years ago)? As a writer, it is words that one spends years waiting for. The agent currently has a project from a current client that she is trying to sale at this point, but does seem interested when it does sale. I am so grateful for her taking the time to write me and giving me the best news I have had in eight years! Fingers crossed, knock on wood, and (with what ever your own personal belief is) say a little prayer.

As for this Sunday’s post, it is clear that there are no pictures. That’s because I didn’t shoot any. I must say that the lack of “funds” this week has left me with little to eat and just enough gas to get to work for the week. The forty dollars that it takes every Sunday for gas and to print the photos was not there. I do apologize! It is also the start of summer and I want to show some level of change between seasons if at all possible.

I want to end by saying that since the beginning of 2012, my life has been nothing but on the up and up. I attribute that to being grateful for what I have, knowing what I will have and driving my passion towards what I love rather than be distracted by what I don’t want. If I can ever give advice to you, my ever faithful reader it is something I have long been ending by saying: “Live With Passion”! Thank you so very much for reading!

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