The Roads Less Traveled

Well, again, I must apologize for not having the internet at home. I’m sure you must get tired of hearing my babble on like some crazy fool about the subject, but I am so grateful for your reading and replying to my posts! It is because of this, I feel as though I’m cheating you out of great stuff by only posting once a week. Please know I am working towards fixing that issue!

It rained just enough last night that ground was no longer a rock-hard slab of soil. I laugh when I find myself having amusement in the simple fact that as I drove down gravel roads today, an enormous dust trail did not follow! It’s silly, I know, to find this exciting, but it really was!

I covered my own back yard today, covering the area I grew up in as a little boy! It was strange, to say the least, to travel down black top roads, I knew so well at the exhilarating pace of 10! I was truly eating my own words when I said way back that you see more at a slower speed. I saw my old running ground as a beautiful landscape of greens and pinks and blues, not to mention, so very quiet! I would snap a photo and then simply stand in the middle of the road and listen to the wonderful sound of nothing!

I also made my way down two roads that I had never been down right behind my parents own house! One led into a wonderful field of freshly planted corn and the other led to a dead in, in which, I, once again, put my faith into four-wheel drive to turn around. To that I must tell my ’96 Jimmy, “Thank You”!

So many roads today were clearly less traveled, with grass growing up through the rocks in the middle of the road. Imagine driving for two miles down a grass-covered county road and not hearing a single thing but the cool air blowing and not a house in sight in any direction!

I am grateful to have this day and to be able to share it with you is the icing on the proverbial cake! I do hope you continue feeding me comments, I enjoy reading them so very much! It is 8 o’clock p.m. and I must leave the kitchen table of my parents house and return to my own home to do my laundry. I will have more next Sunday!

Live With Passion!


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