Thank God I Printed My Pictures!

Well, this blog must officially be popular! This past friday I found a polite letter in with my paycheck, informing me that blogging on company computers will no longer be allowed. I have to admit that I was not surprised that I had been had, but rather the fact that I have so many of you wonderful readers that my own workplace has now joined the fray and discovered that my spare time was spent recently talking to you! Now the dilemma remains, how do I continue an enjoyable blog with no internet at my home (still) and now personal use on work computers?? Well, tonight I am officially sitting at my parents kitchen table, feverishly plugging away on their laptop. It feels strange to use their computer. I compare it to wearing someone elses underwear, that’s weird!

With that said, I have to tell you about my brother, Easton’s elaborate high school graduation in Kentucky. This past Wednesday, I woke up at 5 a.m. and ran. I then headed off to work until 2 p.m. I then grabbed Lynden and the two of use were off to Owensboro, Kentucky, a two-hour drive if you travel non-stop! With cold sodas in hand and a fresh cheese stick pizza from ‘Little Italy’s’ to eat on, we headed off. I have to tell you that the cheese stick pizza is like a traditional cheese pizza, but instead of pizza sauce, it is first covered with a buttery, garlic spread and then topped with 1/4 of an inch of mozzarella cheese! It is then cut into strips and then again in half to offer the purchaser 20 pieces of pure heaven! Anyway, the graduation was held inside of a large sports complex and had close to 400 students graduating! It made my graduation from 1997 look pitiful and thrown together! It was as though he was graduating college! Still, it was wonderful to see my youngest brother cross the threshold into the next chapter of his life! It lasted 2 hours, which pasted by much faster than I had thought it would, but, with two assistant principles calling out names, you can guess it would go quickly!

Let’s see, Wednesday, a great graduation, Thursday, a great night with my sons, Friday, PAYDAY, Saturday, a great evening at my best friends house grilling out with him and his family with my boys. All adding up to the end of a great weekend of picture-taking! 

As my sons, went home, I reached for my camera to head out. Then I realized what I had hoped would not happen during this project! The data card I was using for the ‘Spring’ leg of the picture book was lost! After tearing my home apart nd sifting through my Jimmy, I realized what had regrettably happen. Last Sunday, the shorts I had worn out snapping shots was the oldest pair I owned. It was after that day was over, I deemed them bound for the circular file, however, my disk in the pocket was not in the mix. 400 pictures are sadly sitting in the local landfill…Thank God I Printed My Pictures After Every Sunday!

Now as I sit in my parents kitchen I remain grateful to buy another disk and keep going!  On and up I like to think. I do long for the internet in my home soon though. I feel like an internet nomad, traveling from house to house, bumming the net to blog my adventures!

I hope your laughing as much as I am at all of this. For one day, soon, it will all be so well worth it!!

Live With Passion!!!


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