Just another day in paradise!

This morning my alarm clock went off at 5:15. I opened my eyes put my feet on the floor. I love the feel of the carpet on my bare feet. Before I climbed out of bed, I made sure to put a smile on my face. You see, no matter what my day was like previously, I always make sure to smile before I leave my warm and mildly comfortable bed. It is my way of being grateful for simply waking up.

I used the restroom and put on my running clothes. I then turned on my computer to listen to my fifteen minutes of Anthony Robbins. I began my “Hour of Power”, or, “My TIme for short”, by going through my fifteen minutes on a CD I have. I admit I parcticly have it memorized, but having Tony there always takes it to the next level. I breath my four by four pattern, get grateful and finish by telling myself what I want and seeing it for real. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel that good at 5:30 a.m.!

With my running gear on and my cell phone in my pocket, I make my way up the street one block, to the high school track and run for 45 minutes. During which time I pretend that I don’t have to be to work in an hour and that I am a successful children’s book author who begins my mornings with a run before returning home and sitting down in my comfortable office to sip on hot sweet tea and begin writing or calling my agent or publisher and discussing Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi, Mario Gunzel or Jack. (Jack, whom is my collaboration with author A.B. Walters) Merely warming up before I take my sons, Lynden, Ethan & Rylen off to school, which is only three blocks away from my home.

Then I check my cell phone and notice that it is almost 6:30 a.m. and I make my way back down the street and return home. I take a hot shower and finish my Anthony Robbins CD before heading off to work. Now that the boys are out of school, I am finally able to ride my bicycle to work, thus saving money on gas!

I ride seven short blocks to the local lumber yard where I work and begin my “Non-Me Time” earning a paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, of the jobs I have had in the past ten years, I enjoy this one the most! I just spend my nine hours dreaming of my stories and my picture book, and one day, soon, I will do things  for myself and not someone else who is living their own dream. It stays busy dreaming alongside waiting on customers, loading lumber and delivering shingles with a roof ladder. I case you do not know, a roof ladder is a motorized ladder that hauls the shingles off of the delivery truck and takes them to the room of a home. It is also what began to hum and smoke on me yesterday when I used it. It was then I missed my desk I had been thinking about earlier during my run and longed to return to it.

Still very much happy, yet fvery tired and sluggish, I left work behind and picked up Lynden for an evening with a frozen pizza that he loves. They are very good. We finished our meal with a trip to the ice cream shop before he got bored with no internet and game to play at my home and had his mother come pick him up.

More to come!

4 thoughts on “Just another day in paradise!

    • It means so much to hear such polite comments, but it is I who must thank you for reading! Thank You SO Very Much!

    • It is I who thank you fo taking the time to stop! If it were not for folks just like you, I would be sending my blah, blah, blah out into nothing! I am ever so grateful for your reading and do hope you will contiue to do so! Have a great day!

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