Pump Jacks and Litter Bugs

I have to say that not having the net at home is the biggest drag one can feel when trying to blog about things you enjoy. I so wish I could post pictures but being at work, that’s right I really should not be on, I do not have the opportunity to do that. Never the less, I am so patiently waiting on the moment to arrive when I will once again, be in the net world of the living, lol!

As for this past Sunday, it was a beautiful and quiet afternoon. One filled with oil field pump jacks for as far as the eye could see and money being made around every corner! To finish the day off, on my last road, I came across a large amount of litter in the road, to which I felt I should do my part! I turned around in a field and went back to fill an empty dog food bag I happen to have in the back plum full. I left behind the satisfaction of doing the right thing!

Well, it is time to head home to my netless abode. I hope you enjoy this, even without the photos. I promise they will be back!! Live with Passion!

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