Just Father and Son!

This past Sunday, I climbed back into my repaired Jimmy and took off for the northern section of Lawrence County. This day was memorable for this reason and also the best reason of all, my oldest son, Lynden wanted to ride along and see the countryside! To say that I had fun was a understatment! I could not help but smile as Lynden looked back and forth, just as I do, for something that caught his eyes. He would say, “Stop Dad, I see something!”

This particular Sunday, Lynden was crossing over from a Bear Scout to a Webelos Scout, therefore, we had to keep our time down to three and a half hours. It didn’t matter to us in the least bit though, I am a father who had fun with my son and made some great memories!

After developing the photos we had taken, I am thrilled to see Lynden’s shots! Several of them are awesome and they will be going into the picture book! Lynden said he had a lot of fun and wants to go again! Lol, we’ll see how he handles six hours in the country!

I hope to soon have my internet back and then I will post more photos! I must apologize for not being able to post them!

Make Memories and Live With Pass!

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