Broke Down With A Smile!

I want to take this moment to apologize for no post the previous Sundays. I enjoy posting my progress and just as much, enjoy reading wonderful comments from everyone who reads!

To let you in on the truth, one month ago, I paid my cable bill with a check by phone. Then, two weeks later my service was disconnected. I called the cable company and was informed that the company had made a mistake entering my account information and the payment was not received. I gave them another check by phone and later even got a bill in the mail saying the payment was received.

It was last week that my new Jimmy lost all of its oil pressure, leaving me to walk to work this, and last week. I took the vehicle to a mechanic and, after a week, picked it up and returned to work. Within three miles, I had lost five quarts of oil and returned to work with my engine smoking. It will be monday before the mechanic can pick it up which means not pictures again this weekend.

I returned home to find my cable and internet turned off again! I called the cable company and found out that they had missed up on my account information and did not get their money, even after I received a bill from them stating that they had! Now because of their mistake, I am three months behind on something I have never been behind on before.

With that said, I have no vehicle to travel the country roads to take more awesome photos and no internet to upload them to share with others. Lol, I guess it does leave me with more time to read a book instead of writing them.

I am still so very grateful to be alive and healthy and have three wonderful sons who absolutely love me. I love life and am crazy passionate about the picture book and starting my next written novel, however I am regret, very much that these situations have delayed me from my works. It will be an interesting week to say the least, all of my money went into my Jimmy.

I should have it fixed next week and I will try to find a way to post my progress. As always, thank you so very much for reading!

One thought on “Broke Down With A Smile!

  1. Hi there: thanks for using the time of writing up this details. I at all times make an effort to further more my understanding of facts. Even if I agree or disagree, I really like info. I just remember the old times once the only supply of info was the library or even the newspaper. They each seem to be so old. Please Pardon my rough writing : )

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